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Encore Episode with Mr Nakata

⁠Not long after I started my podcast I had an idea to do an episode with one of my biggest supporters, my husband Koichi. This podcast episode proved to be one of the most popular episodes ever with so many people sending questions in before it even was recorded. We met nearly 20 years ago when I was first sent to Iwaki as an English teacher and he just happened to be in the class I was teaching - naughty! 🤗😂⁠


Fast forward and we have several international moves, a dog, 2 kids and a partridge in a pear tree, just kidding!⁠


I am extremely lucky to have so much support from him and that we value the same things. It is hard to believe how much our lives changed even since this was recorded- we will have to get another episode on the books for 2021. Who wants to hear Mr N back on the TWJ Podcast? 😃 ⁠


In February, my Team Jayne, one to one and group coaching program for Japanese women starts and if you are someone who wants to work on a special relationship in your life, this is one of the topics we will be covering! Link in bio as always!⁠ My "Team Jayne", one to one and group coaching program for Japanese women is open again in February 2021.

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